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July 31, 2012
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He sat at the computer like he did everyday playing videogames for his "bros" as he called his fans on youtube. This day was somehow different quite possibly the horrible storm going on outside. The fact his girlfriend had decided to take a brake from their relationship and stay in Italy for the year didn't help. He fired up amnesia and opened up a new custom story he didn't remember downloading.

"Stephano's Surprise" the swede read aloud looking to the camera. "Sounds like you bro's made me a new one to play." He smiles reading over the synopsis that barely says anything and he presses play.

Just as the map loads a bolt of lightning strikes right outside of his window. He stands up excusing himself as he goes to the window. Looking down he sees a small hole in the ground and someone laying in it. He runs past his computer his webcam catching everything the small amount of people watching from his livestream watch on with fear. They chat amongst themselves about what PewDie saw out the window that made him rush out in a hurry.

Moments later PewDie kicks open his door with someone clad in shiny golden clothing draped over his shoulder. He places the person on his couch noting the injuries aren't saver and aren't from lightning but from a fall. He elevates his head and the ankle that he has come to realize is sprained. PewDie goes and gets a small bag of ice to put on the strange mans ankle.

"Bro's" he says speaking to the few remaining people in the livestream. "I'll have to go, I need to keep an eye on this guy and find out what happened to him." He says. He looks through the messages on chat an a few caught his eye about how the man looked like Stephano. "You bro's don't think?" he turns his head to look behind him. "Naw, it cant be" he laughs as he brofists the screen and apologizes for having to sign off so soon.

It's no longer then an hour before the man on PewDie's couch began to stir. His blonde hair falling down into his face as he turned his head to the side. He groaned the pain shooting up his leg. The swede comes out of the kitchen carrying something to drink for the both of them.

"I see you're up" he smiles handing him a can of soda.

The blonde haired man stared up at him taking the soda. "Yeah I am, an thanks PewDie." he finally says with his thick French accent.

PewDie looks at him wide eyed his jaw dropping to the floor. "Stephano?" he questions. Even if it wasn't him it was worth a shot to ask.

The French man smirked looking at him. "Who else would I be, Piggeh?" he looked down noting that he wasn't completely golden anymore. "As for how this happened I cant be sure" he stated. He removed his golden head wrap for the first time  PewDie stared at the golden blond hair. "These clothes are a bit warm, mind if I take them off?" he asks looking up.

PewDie blushes and nods his head, watching as his statue friend disrobes and sits back down not completely naked but close enough. "Um.. Stephano. You look to be about my size would you like some other clothing?" he asks trying not to let his eyes wonder. It fails.

Stephano grins noticing his friends wondering gaze. "No thanks, I'll stay like this for a while." he says with a grin. "I know in this world you don't go by the name PewDie, so what would you like me to call you?" he asks sitting up his legs spread apart knowing the Swede's gaze wasn't on his face anymore.

"Ca- call me Felix" he says struggling with his own words. His eyes are looking Stephano up and down like he's a piece of meat. Who can blame him when you haven't had much in months you tend to fantasize about other people. In Felix's case other things.
horrible title XD anyway.

yeah this will get better/hotter as i write more

dont own anyone depicted in the story above please dont flame i did my best with spell checking and what not with this one. so hope its alright and enjoy will try to update as much as possible if everyone likes it :D

no warnings yet but in later chapters there will be.
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